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Big Hexagon Measuring Machines

Hexagon Metrologies large-scale gantry and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) ensure top-level performance. The careful choice of materials and structures is much simpler than ever in the workshop than in the metrology room. These CMMs can be achieved as stand-alone systems or as test stations integrated into production cells.

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The GLOBAL eXtra is able to accommodate heavy and large pieces without the need for special foundations. The GLOBAL eXtra, designed for measurement in a production environment.

DEA ALPHA 2.0 is a universal gantry measuring machine (CMM) suitable for dimensional verification of large parts such as castings and machined parts..

The DEA DELTA SLANT is a line of gantry measuring machines characterized by high precision, ideal for checking large machined pieces. DELTA SLANT is available in two versions: Classic and Performance.

DEA LAMBDA SP is a line of very large measuring machines designed for operation in industrial environments. LAMBDA SP excels in the measurement at high speed and precision of particularly voluminous components.

Leitz PMM-F 30.20.10 and 30.20.16 measuring machines: precision combined with productivity. The PMM-F has been designed for the verification of medium-sized components and gears.

The Leitz PMM-G offers the best precision and high productivity for very large components, such as, for example, those typical of the aeronautical and aerospace industry, of shipbuilding, or the large gears used in wind turbines.