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What is IPA Machine Tools?

IPA Machine Tools is the first and only company that warranty your investments with a triple protection:

Informed in advance, Produced immediately, Assisted forever.

Informed in Advance

Free technical inspection.

We come to you to check: the general characteristics of your company, the specifications of your production process and the equipment in use.

Pre-purchase test.

You can come to the company with us or with entrepreneurs like you to see the best machine for your turning or milling needs at work.

Free Commercial Consultancy.

We will study your technical / commercial plan and the possibility of access to government incentives and tax deductions.

Productive Immediately

On-site training.

Product training, training on the production process and human resources to make the most of your machine and immediately increase productivity.


We come to you to install your machine tool making it work very quickly, without disruption and interruptions in the work cycle.

Analysis of the results.

Six months after installation, we will arrange an interview with you to analyze any production slowdowns and identify possible areas for improvement.

Assisted Forever

Periodic Checks and Check-ups.

A system booklet dedicated to your machine tool, where we report year by year the control plan for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Specialized Technical Assistance.

Never alone thanks to a direct and dedicated line with our specialized professionals, to guarantee the execution of extraordinary assistance interventions with advanced equipment and in the shortest possible time.

Trade-in and Regeneration.

We trade in your car or regenerate it with the highest quality standards, to continue to produce with the same reliability and precision as on the first day.

Our Products

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macchina utensile haas vf 5 ss

Macchine Utensili Nuove

We are specialized in the sale of new machine tools of the most important manufacturers for over 20 years, thanks to the exclusive partnership with the Celada Group which boasts 11 companies present internationally (Haas, Okuma, Sodick, Bridgeport, Hartford).

We choose only the best of industrial and international mechanics to offer you a wide offer that covers all areas of mechanics: turning, milling, electro-erosion and grinding.

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Used Machine Tools

IPA Machine Tools is a company with many years of experience in the sale of used machine tools and not like lathes, machining centers, boring machines, work islands, measuring devices, and much more.

Look at all the models and brands treated and remember that you can contact us at any time for a FREE quote!

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Measuring Machines

Higher quality of your products and improved production processes.

Whether you are looking for a basic model or you already have experience with measurement systems and you want to improve the dimensional quality control process, or increase your testing capacity, Hexagon Metrology is by your side with the products and expertise you need .

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Sistems Cad Cam

The best selection of CAD CAM CAE software for the mechanical industry thanks to our partnership with Vero Solutions.

We also support our customers with training courses on the use of software, support and consultancy.

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Our team of experts with twenty years of experience in the sector is at your disposal.

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Our team of experts with twenty years of experience in the sector is at your disposal.

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